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Andy Scholl Law, P.C. is a two-lawyer firm in Albuquerque. By design, we have a small case load. We don't take many cases, so that we can spend as much individualized time on each case as is rquired to obtain the best result possible.

When clients call, they are always in a difficult situation and often feel overwhelmed by the process they are in. Odds are that you are in this boat-- somebody is not answering your questions, or is trying to intimidate you to go away and be quiet. Worse yet, you're being made to blame yourself for the outcome, regardless of the actual cause. These are old tricks, but feel new and personal to most people. We enjoy stepping into clients' shoes and fighting on their behalf.  

You've probably gotten our names by speaking with somebody whom you trust, but who does not do what we do. This is a better endorsement than anything we could say on this site.

We strive to be honest and realistic with clients (regardless of what they might want to hear) down to earth (we won't try to dazzle you with $10 words), and will listen to you before we start to talk.

Practice Areas

*Medical Negligence

*Eyecare Professional Negligence

*Nursing Home Abuse and  Neglect

*Wrongful Death

*Governmental Torts

*Personal Injury

*Bicycle Crashes


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